Friday, December 25, 2009


The following is an example of more of the atrocities done to mankind by the Roman Catholic Organization. Also included are some information and facts that are often unknown about this organization that claims to be christian.

The Popes supposedly forgave all the sins of their crusaders in advance of their invasion. When they invaded the city they massacred, raped and beheaded the people. Over 40,000 men, women and children were slaughtered in this first crusade. Children, for entertainment, were tossed in the air and came down on swords.

Some people were locked in the synagogues and burned, while the Roman Catholic army marched victoriously around them, singing “Christ we adore thee” It was Catholic anti-Semitism at it’s worst. There were seven crusades in Europe. In early times the so-called Believers marched in the Crusades while singing hymns and carrying a pagan cross, burning millions of Jewish people in the name of Jesus. Do you think this was done under the influence of the true “Messiah,” or was it even back then in the name of the “Anti-Messiah”?

Christopher Columbus, the one who discovered the America’s, was a sephardic Jew (Spanish Jew). He was a marano Jew. A marano Jew was one forced to convert to Catholicism. The three main women in his life: mother-in-law, mother, and sister were all Jews. In 1492 King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella were paid a large sum of money by rich Spanish Jews to allow the Jews to leave the country in peace. They accepted the money and still decreed that all Jews be killed as per the Alhambra decree of 1492, because of the Roman Catholic Inquisition leaders. Four very rich Sephardic Jews sponsored Columbus’s four major voyages to the New America’s. Over 800,000 Jews were sent out onto the ocean in small boats to die. This is a known fact that you will not read in any American history books.

The Roman Catholic Church forced Jews to convert to Catholicism or die. Those who outwardly converted were forced to give all their possession to the Inquisitors and tithe to Rome as long a s they lived. Columbus’s ships full of Spanish Jews sailed out of Spain the day before the decree was made. America was actually discovered by Jewish people. This is not what Americans are told in their history books. The day Columbus sailed was the 9th of Aviv, which was the same date in history that the great Solomon’s Temple was destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar in 70 BC.

Many claim that Kathryn Kuhlman was an undercover agent working for the Roman Catholic church, indirectly, gathering information from the inside about the Pentecostals, the Ecumenical and Charismatic movements. She was a witch, a master of hypnosis and had incredible psychic abilities. Kuhlman was associated with the Legion of Mary. Although Kathryn Kuhlman was supposedly a Protestant heretic, she was blessed by the Pope. This of course is strictly forbidden under the canon law of the church, unless you are Catholic. She was a Catholic witch under special oath.

Jim Jones, the Jesuit priest, frequently used the two fingered salute of the Pope, and yet many missed this secret sign, identifying himself as a fellow Jesuit and member of the secret society of Jesuits.

In Roman Catholicism, the Bible alone is not considered the word of Yahveh. To them, the word of God is “tradition,” plus “magisterial” (the teaching authority of the institution), and last of all, the Bible. Only when it is put together do they have what they consider to be the word of God.

The doctrine of the Catholic church says if a child isn’t baptized, and dies, it goes to hell.

In Rome, Cybele, a mother goddess, was worshipped. This three day worship was called “Hilaria”, or commonly “Ides Of March”, because it was celebrated from March 15-18 every year. Many Catholics still observe this pagan festival.

In 1860 the Vatican ordered Abraham Lincoln to be stopped at all costs and they did have him killed.

Near the city of Chichicastenango, in Guatemala, there are two Roman Catholic churches facing each other; one looking eastward giving reverence to the rising sun god, and the other facing westward giving reverence to the setting sun god. They are set up identical to the Tikal temples of the Mayan sun god worshippers.

The hill in Rome where the Vatican is, is called “vaticanis,” which in Latin means, “the place of divination”. It became “the habitation of devils” as referred to in Rev. 18:2.

One of Satans best handiwork’s came in the form of the Roman Catholic, “Latin Vulgate” Bible.

In 1974 the Vatican made it officially acceptable for Roman Catholic men to join the Masons. A special Lodge was even formed called the P2 Lodge.

In the 1500’s Pope Leo 10th. needed money to put up a new Basilica, so he sent preachers out (one was John Tetzel), to sell indulgences. Any Roman Catholic who was guilty of sin or crime, even murder, could buy an indulgence, be set free by the courts, be forgiven, and guaranteed entrance into Heaven. This was the straw that broke Martin Luther’s back. He soon nailed his 95 arguments/theses on the door of the church in protest, and the fight began. Too bad they never continued to protest.

According to the Catholic church a “heretic” is: “anyone who doesn’t go along with the Pope or the teaching of the Roman Catholic church.”

The Catholic church is the biggest financial power, wealth accumulator, and property owner in existence. She is a greater possessor of material riches than any other single institution, corporation, bank, giant trust, government, or state, of the entire globe. The Popes, (incuding the Black Pope), as the visible rulers of this immense wealth, are consequently the richest individuals of the 20th. century. Their value in dollars cannot even be reasonably estimated in billions of dollars.

The Roman Catholic church has been extremely embarrassed. They claimed to have built St. Peters Basilica over Peters grave, but it has been proven that Peters grave was in Jerusalem on the Franciscan Monastery site called “Dominus Flevit”. They still haven’t publicly apologized for their fraudulent claims.

The Catholic system believes itself to be the fulfillment of the “divine commission” of the four horsemen of Revelation 6, in which they bring about a one world church and a one world government under the papacy, to usher in the millennial kingdom.

The document called “The donations of Constantine,” suposedly made the Popes heir to the entire Roman Empire after Constantines death, were forged under the anti-Messiah Pope Hadrian 1rst. The popes declared that they were the successors of St. Peter, and that they alone held the keys to life and death. This is the origin of the Roman Catholic churches control over Rome and the wealth that came with it.

In 1983 the assets of the Roman Catholic church in the United States only, were estimated at well over 100 billion dollars. This amount is more then double the amount of the top five industrial businesses combined wealth. Todays value of the Vatican cannot even be estimated in billions.

The ultimate goal of the Roman Catholic church is to get control of the Holy city of Jerusalem. The Vatican helped to finance the three Islam armies of old, in exchange for three favors: One was to eliminate the Jews and Bible Believers. One was to protect the Augustinian monks and the Roman Catholics, and the last reason was the most important; to conquer Jerusalem for the Pope. The Muslim army conquered Jerusalem, but refused to co-operate with the Vatican. This started the hatred between the two heathen religions, but because of their shady past, this was never made public knowledge. Muslims went on to conquer the world in the name of their god “Allah”, while the Catholics went on to conquer the world in the name of Mary.

It is estimated that there were over 68 million victims of the Roman Catholic inquisition from its beginning in 1200AD.

Catholics believe that when they are sprinkled with water they are “born again”, even if they are babies. They are made to believe that as long as they worship Mary and remain faithful to the system, they are saved. They believe that they receive Jesus every time they eat the Host (bread) during mass. When the priest is saying the Mass they believe they are actually eating the body and blood of Yeshua.

The word “repent” to a Catholic means, he must buy God off by doing penance for his sin. The priest forgives the individual but makes him do penance; which may be 50 Hail Mary’s, or the Lord’s prayer, or light candles to the saints or the Virgin Mary, or whatever the priest says to do.

Long before the Crusades, the Vatican secretly negotiated and financed Mohammed (through a Roman Catholic relative), to help them annihilate the Jews, but when the Islamic forces captured Jerusalem in the name of the prophet Mohammed. The Pope was blocked from moving the Vatican there because Mohammed turned around and called the Pope and the Jews, infidels.

The “IHS” stamped on the Catholic host bread used during Mass, has for thousands of years stood for Isis, Horus, and Seb, three Egyptian gods. IHS is the surname of Bacchus the sun god. IHS or IES is the abreviated form of IHSOUS (Iesous) in Greek. Tammuz was known as Bacchus to many.

The white garment often worn by the Pope is a perfect symbol of the counterfeit, the “angel of light,” working within the church, the nest of the anti-Messiah.

Canon Law and dogma, by reason of ordination, grant the Roman Catholic priest two powers: to forgive sins and to perform Mass. These two positions place him in the position of Jesus according to the Catholic teaching.