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Everything in this article is referring to Divine Angels of Yahveh (the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob), unless otherwise noted.

There seems to be little actually known or written about Yahveh's Heavenly Hosts, His Angels. I will attempt to portray what the Bible says, and what I have personally experienced in regards to the Angels of the Most High, (The Holy One Of Israel).

The Biblical study of angels is called "angelology".

There are THREE main divisions of what the Bible accumulatively calls MINISTERING Angels/Spirits. They are: Guardian Angels, Warrior Angels, and Ministering Angels.

All angels however, can work in multiple categories.

Hebr. 1:14 "Are they not all ministering spirits, sent out to render service for the sake of those who will inherit salvation."
Ps. 34:7 "The angel of Adonai encamps around those who fear Him, And rescues them."
Ps. 103:20 "Bless Adonai, you His angels, Mighty in strength, who perform His word, Obeying the voice of of His word"
In the beginning, there were three archangels. Michael, Gabriel and Lucifer. When Lucifer (Satan) was cast out of the third heaven with 1/3 of the angels, he became the prince of the earth. The fallen angels who went with him lost their divine connection with Yahveh. Satan has total control of them, but they don't do anything good for the Kingdom of Yahveh. They already have a special place where they will spend eternity after the end of time. They changed their allegiance from the Most High, to the snake, that serpent of old. Because they changed their allegiance, they haven't got as much power and authority as the angels of Yahveh. When they (under normal circumstances) meet face to face with a divine angel, the fallen angel is overpowered.

Angels are used to answer prayers. In Daniel's case, for example, this happened twice, when an angel was used to answer the prophet's prayer for more revelation (Dan. 9:20-23; 10:12-13). In the Renewed Testament, prayers for Peter's release from prison were answered by an angel's rescue of the apostle (Acts 12:1-19).

The Bible is very clear about the existence, nature and purpose of angels. Yah uses two specific titles for divine angels in Scriptures:

1) They are called the "chosen/elect angels" (ITim. 5:21), which means they were elected or chosen not to fall and have been confirmed in their holiness.
2) The second scriptural title for divine angels is "holy angels," as contrasted with fallen angels who are wicked and unholy (Mark. 8:38; Luke. 9:26).


Four things should be mentioned concerning the creation of angels. First is the fact of their creation. The fact that angels were created is taught in Col. 1:16, where three points are revealed. First, all angels were created simultaneously. Yah did not create some angels at one point and more angels at another point. Second, the number of angels does not increase, as Yahveh is not continually creating new angels. And, third, neither does the number of angels decrease. Angels cannot be destroyed; they exist forever.

Col. 1:16 For by Him all things were created, both in the heavens and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities—all things have been created through Him and for Him.

The second thing about the creation of angels is the timing of their creation. According to Job 38:4-7, angels were already in existence when Yahveh created the heavens and the earth in Gen. 1:1. So, angels were created prior to the creation of the material universe and, of course, prior to man as well.

The third point about the creation of angels is that they were created holy with the power of contrary choice, i.e., the ability to choose contrary to their nature (Mark. 8:38; Jude 6). They had the ability to make an unholy choice, which one-third of them eventually did, and became demons. The other two-thirds later became confirmed in their holiness and therefore could no longer choose to sin. They no longer have the power of contrary choice.

The fourth thing about the creation of angels is the twofold position of angels. First, they are inferior to Yeshua with respect to His deity (Hebr. 1:4 - 2:3) and His humanity (Hebr. 2:5-8). Second, they are superior to man (Ps. 8:4-5; Hebr. 2:5-7; 2Pet. 2:11).


Guardian angels are for DEFENSIVE purposes only!! Yah has dedicated approx. 1/3 of all His angels for this purpose alone. Guardian angels work in authority, thrones and might. Ministering angels work in authority and thrones categories.
Yahveh created Guardian angels for all of mankind, those who believe and follow Him, as well as those who have not yet accepted Him as their personal savior. Every soul (human being from conception on) has at least one Guardian angel who's principle job is to help the individual withstand the pressures of life in general. This is, as you can well imagine, a very difficult job to do. It entails many things, such as: 1) physical protection under extreme circumstances. 2) spiritual protection under demonic (spiritual) attack. 3) emotional protection of any form. Yah wants every human being walking the face of the earth to have the opportunity to invite His Son Yeshua into their hearts. With this in mind, He makes it possible for people to withstand the pressures of the human lifestyle outside the boundaries or inside the boundaries of the Torah (Old and Renewed Testament).
Guardian angels have guardianship over Believers through general protective care. All people have guardian angels (Matt. 18:10. Hebr. 1:14). In fact, a guardian angel is "assigned" to a person as soon as he or she is conceived. Ps. 34:7 and 91:11 teach that nothing can happen to a Believer outside of Yah's will because of the general protective care of angels. These verses do not teach that nothing bad can happen to Believers, but that nothing can happen outside of Yah's will.

Guardian angels are often used to save or rescue Believers from specific situations. For example, guardian and warrior angels were used to rescue Lot (Gen. 19:1-22). Other instances abound, including Gen. 32:1-2; 1Kgs. 19:5-6; 2Kgs. 6:17; Dan. 3:24-28; 6:22; Acts 5:17-20; &12:6-11, etc..

We have all heard of incredible stories of supernatural intervention in various situations, from hospital beds, and car accidents, to personal encounters in the wilderness, etc., etc.. There are an endless amount of documented publicized stories of these events. These are examples of what Guardian angels do to protect, guide, or even speak to individuals in extreme situations. Children are perhaps the best ones to see and feel the presence of angels because their minds are open to many angelic occurrences that adults can't comprehend, for various reasons.

Guardian angels guide Believers into truth and actions. In Matt. 1:20-21, an angel instructed Joseph to believe Mary's story that she really was a virgin, although she was pregnant. An angel instructed Cornelius to send for Peter that he might preach the Gospel to him (Acts 10:3-8). In Acts 27:23-24, an angel guided Paul as well. Guardian angels are also used for encouragement (Acts 5:18-20; 27:23-25).

When a saint dies, many Guardian angels accompany his spirit and soul to Hades, along with the Death angel (a fallen angel). They take the Believer through a great white tunnel of light. It is a glorious experience. The "DEATH" angel will carry the spirit and soul to its abode on the "SAVED" side of Hades (Luke. 16:22).

Angels serve as spectators of Believers, observing (witnessing) how we are acting and responding: In Luke 12:8-9, the faith of a Believer is confessed before the angels. Later, angels observe when one is saved (Luke. 15:10). Angels also observe the sufferings of Believers (1Cor. 4:9). Other examples are seen in 1Cor.11:10, 1Pet. 1:10-12 and 1Tim. 5:21. The things these angels observe is what is recorded in the books that will one day be opened for Yah to reveal everything we ever did as a human.


For many, the following explanation of what alters/insiders really are, will be too difficult to comprehend. For many who believe in angels, it will make much sense, and perhaps answer some lingering questions you have always had about Guardian Angels. There are many mysteries in life that can only be explained spiritually, because they are in fact, spiritual. Science has become Mankind's God, but this doesn't make it the truth. There are many things that scientists can't explain because they don't have the leading of the Holy Spirit. These things include some of the following: hell, heaven, angels, demons, love, the human mind, alters, ghosts, spirits, witchcraft, curses, blessings, etc.. We will in the following, deal with one of those mysteries.. alters. Most people are familiar with the fact that there really are angels helping mankind. Most have heard various explanations as to the purpose of angels on earth. The following will provide a detailed explanation of one of the important duties of Guardian angels working with all of mankind. Please remember there are three types of angels: Guardian, Ministering and Warrior. We will be explaining about Guardian angels here.

An insider/alter is created when a Guardian angel steps into a traumatic situation that an individual encounters, whether secular or saved. Yahveh has provided all humans with guardian angels. Every single person has at least one guardian angel with him or her at any given time. Their purpose is to protect that individual from whatever bad experiences life may throw at them. They are there to help us all cope with serious trauma. Guardian angels step in to help all of us many times during our life, most of the time without us ever knowing about it. This is an example of Yahveh's true love for all His creation. Most don't appreciate the extent of His LOVE.

Perhaps it gives a fuller meaning to a well known verse. Heb. 13:2 Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for by this some have entertained angels without knowing it."

Yeshua set precedence on the stake when He became the first human to split off an alter. It was Yeshua's Holy Spirit that broke off on the stake, a type of spiritual alter. It was necessary for Him to break off the spiritual alter of the Holy Spirit at Calvary so precedence could be established. This was done so that angels could in turn split off alters by making contact with human body's in the time of trouble. This system of breaking off had not been put in place by Yahveh at the time of creation (Adam and Eve). At that time it was not required.

Once a person understands thoroughly the concept of insiders, they can more clearly understand the concept of the tri-part Godhead if you think of it as such. Yeshua said: "He who has seen Me, has seen the Father". Yeshua comes out of the Father, as an alter comes forward from a host. The concept is similar. John 14:9-11 Yeshua said to him, "Have I been so long with you, and [yet] you have not come to know Me, Philip? He who has seen Me has seen the Father; how [can] you say, 'Show us the Father'? "Do you not believe that I am in the Father, and the Father is in Me? The words that I say to you I do not speak on My own initiative, but the Father abiding in Me does His works. "Believe Me that I am in the Father and the Father is in Me; otherwise believe because of the works themselves." I won't go any deeper on the tri-part Godhead issue because my main subject here is MPD.

The following are a few examples of what events may cause an angel to step in: rape, death of a friend, surprises of any kind, (horror shows etc.), the witnessing of a murder, an accident, a fight, intense argument, physical threat or abuse, etc..

When an extreme situation arises, our guardian angel makes contact with our human body, spiritually, while the traumatic situation takes place, in order to protect our mind from overdosing from too much trauma. The main purpose of the angel stepping in is to take away most (if not all) of the terrible memory encountered because of this terrifying event. To literally save our mind, which is part of our soul. Yahveh places great value on the human soul. The moment the angel makes contact with our body in such a way, an alter is the result. This pain, trauma and memory are encased in a human form known as an alter. As it was in Genesis when The Holy Spirit of Yah was breathed into dust to create a human (soul, spirit and body), so too, a human soul and spirit are created inside an existing body by the messenger of the Most High. This is a spiritual encounter that can only be understood from a spiritual standpoint. That's why the secular world doctors cannot understand or deal with multiple personalities, other than just talking to them and perhaps making deals with them. This alter is of a spiritual nature, a specially gifted human being with a type of spiritual connection that is hard to explain. After this spiritual induction takes place, two things can happen. The alter can be integrated back to the host person, or they will (in most cases), simply exist inside the body of the host until he or she dies. In the rare case when an alter is lead to salvation and integrated, the guardian angel, which has been dormant since creating the alter, goes back to his role as the guardian angel of the host person.

Alters formed by the divine interaction with the angel have many of the same attributes as the host person and the same choices as any other human being. They have the right to choose whichever way they want to go spiritually, just like anyone else. They are for all intense and purposes the same as all other humans, except they must share a body. Because they are people, their soul and spirit will then, (upon death), either go to the dark side or light side of Hades when the host person dies.

Insiders share a lot of things with the host person automatically, as if drawing from a similar data base. For example, the moment an alter is formed, they will know much about the history, life, etc., of the host person without anyone revealing it to them. Insiders share a lot of things with the host. They often share thoughts, memories, tastes, likes, dislikes, etc., similar to that of a twin. They have a spiritual type bond that is almost impossible to explain. It's almost as if their minds are somehow connected.

This description of an alter/angel may be too much for some to swallow. I can only briefly explain as best I can here. To those who chew on it before they swallow, I ask Yahveh to grant them the wisdom to understand.


The name, "Warrior angel," pretty much speaks for itself. Warrior angels are here to spiritually fight for SAINTS. They go on the OFFENCE. When warrior angels are called by a child of Yahveh, (depending on the situation at hand), they come as divine soldiers. They do whatever Yah, Yeshua, Michael and Gabriel instruct them to do for that particular situation. The battle that ensues actually takes place in the spirit world where we cannot see. Michael is pretty much in charge of the warrior angels, but when he is not available Gabriel can step in and lead in the situation.

Warrior angels are: arch, seraphim, cherubim, powers, dominion, and some work in principalities also.


All angels actually fall under the heading of "Ministering angels", but there is a group of angels who specifically minister to people. These angels administer various types of healing. They minister physical, emotional, and spiritual healing, depending on what is required under the particular circumstance. They are responsible for the actual divine healing that takes place when Yahveh decides to heal in any given situation. They literally lay their hands of healing on the individual being ministered to. Sometimes they minister love, sometimes shalom (peace), sometimes boldness, etc..

What should the Believer's relationship to angels be in light of their works?

First, like Daniel, Believers may certainly feel wonder and amazement at the ability and work of angels (Dan. 8:16-17; 10:1-9). Second, Believers can appreciate their ministry (Hebr. 1:14). Third, Believers must make sure not to worship angels (Col. 2:18; Rev. 19:10; 22:9).


The Scriptures contain records of angels appearing to people, revealing three key features about the appearance of angels. First, angels appeared in multiple ways. Sometimes angels appeared in a dream, as with Jacob and the ladder (Gen. 28:12). Visions were a second way in which angels appeared to humans, as they did with Daniel, Zechariah, and the Apostle John in the Book of Revelation. A third and more common method by which angels became visible was by simple appearance, manifesting suddenly as people, just as the angels appeared at the tomb of Yeshua. Another interesting fact of the appearance of angels is that they always appeared as young men (Gen. 18:1-2, 16, 22; 19:1-22; Mark. 16:5; Luke. 24:4; Acts 1:10-11). Although nowhere in the Scriptures do angels appear in the form of a women, a child, or an old man, angels can manifest as such. Another thing about the appearance of angels is their effect, namely, that they sometimes aroused fear. (Dan. 10:4-9; Matt. 28:2-6; Luke. 1:11-12, 1:26-30, 2:9, Zech. 1:30). They often said "have no fear". As beautiful as angels are, one can well imagine how scary it would be to be directly confronted by an angel standing ten feet tall in front of you. This seems understandable. I'm sure it would only take a few moments for the fleshly fear to subside and the glory of Yahveh to take hold.

The Bible describes many situations when angels were present. I don't feel it's necessary to list them, because most understand this truth easily.


• All angels have names.
• Angels are under normal circumstances, about ten feet tall. There are no skinny or fat angels. They have the ability however to be much smaller or larger according to what is required at the time.
• Angels appear in the form of a brilliant light type outline (ghostly) rather than a detailed figure. Their countenance projects love. You cannot see details like their eyes, ears, nose, mouth, feet, arms, legs, etc.. They all wear white robes that cover them from the shoulders down. They portray shekinah (glory).
• All angels are about the same proportion in size.
• Angels can, but don't, normally show as much emotion as humans.
• Fallen angels (demons) normally appear the same as regular angels, but their countenance is evil. They can't and won't show love.


• Angels are mentioned in the Scriptures about 300 times, in fact, in 34 of the 66 books of the Bible. They are found from the first to the last book of the Bible, and not merely in the older, more primitive books. In the Old Testament, angels are not only mentioned by the visionary writers but even by those who wrote basic history. Furthermore, Yeshua Himself clearly taught the existence of angels, doing so, in fact, in every gospel (Matt. 13:39, 41, 49; Mark. 12:25; Luke.12:8-9; John. 1:51).
• Angels can't marry. (Mark 12;25 & Matt. 22:30)
• Angels are greater than man. (2Pet. 2:11)
• When Yahveh gave the law to Moses at Mt. Sinai, 10,000 angels came. (Deut. 33:2)
• King David saw over 20,000 angels (the chariots of Yahveh) (Ps. 68:17)
• In the book of Revelation, John saw 10,000 times 10,000 angels minister to the Lamb Of Elohim. (Rev. 5:11) It is mathematically estimated that there are approx. 100,000,000,000,000 (100 trillion) angels, but their actual number is infinite.
• At Calvary there were at least 12 legions of angels (120,000) there for Yeshua to call on if He so wished. (Matt. 25:52-53)
• Angels in the bible, periodically took the form of humans, (at Sodom and Gomorrah Gen. 18, etc.). They sometimes spoke and were extremely attractive.
• Some of us have entertained angels without knowing it. (Hebr. 13:2)
• Angels never die.
• The number of angels Yahveh created remains constant.
• Angels can eat any clean (kosher) food when in human form (Gen. 19:3), but otherwise they eat manna (Psa. 78:25).
• At the end of the world, one angel, Michael, will bind Satan in chain and throw him into the bottomless pit. (Rev. 20:1-3)
• One angel slaughtered 185,000 Syrian soldiers in one night.
• Angels are always watching us. (1Cor. 4:9)
• Angels (divine and fallen) have their own language. (1Cor. 13:1)
• Michael and other angels will accompany Yeshua when He returns in the clouds for Exodus Part Two. (1Ths. 4:16)
• Gabriel in Hebrew means "Yahveh's hero", or "the mighty one" or "Yahveh is great". Gabriel, is an archangel. He appears by name, four times in the bible. (Dan. 8:16, 9:21, and Luke 1:19 and 26)
Angels are stars. Angels are sometimes referred to as stars in the Bible. (Rev. 12:4, Ps. 147:4, Isa. 14:13) Every star that you see in the sky is an angel, a manifestation of the shekinah (glory) of Yah.
• All angels were created as servants for the purpose of glorifying El Gibor. (Hebr. 1:14)
• There are no baby angels.
• Children in heaven will have their own angels. (Matt. 18:10)
• There are many angels on earth. (Hebr. 13:2)
• Every human has a guardian angel and access to many more. (Hebr. 1:14)
• Angels are servants, spirits sent from Yahveh to help all people receive salvation. (Hebr. 1:14)
• Some of the fallen Angels, who committed horrendous sins, have already been confined to the Abyss. (Gen. 6:2)
• Angels rejoice when a human is saved (Luke. 15:10).
• Gabriel was once called a man. (Dan. 9:21)
• There is one type of angel called the Death Angel. He is a fallen angel who's job is to exclusively escort all people (saved or not), to Hades. The Hades angel takes the dead souls and spirits that the Death angel brings to him to their proper place on the saved or unsaved side of Hades. Hades is both an angel and a place. (1Cor. 15:26, Rev. 20:14, & Rev. 6:8)
• When Yah created Hell, His original intent was not for man but for fallen angels and the devil.
• Elohim's fallen angel of Death will be the last one thrown into the lake of fire, because there will be no more death. Rev. 20:14
• The "sons of God" referred to in Rom. 8:14 were people lead by the spirit of El Shaddai, not the "fallen angels" of Genesis.
• In Genesis 6 it talks about "the Sons of God" these were fallen angels that took on a human form and seduced the beautiful woman on earth. The results were, the giants of the earth talked about for centuries. Goliath was a giant who had 4 brothers. Some of these Nephelim (giants) were referred to as Rephaim, Emin, Horim, Zemsumim (Gen. 14 and 15). Arba, Anak and his 7 sons were Nephelim (Num. 13:33). Og the King of Bashan also. (Deut. 3:11 and Josh. 12). Fallen angels (sons of God) were cast down into Tartarus, (Greek term for dark abode of woe, pit of darkness in the unseen world), similar to hell, and remain there till judgement day (2Pet. 2:4-6). Their offspring were unclean, the opposite of Noah's generation. These Nephilim were refereed to as Greek Titans, (which in Hebrew means, Satan). They were half human half godly beings of incredible looks and strength. We know them as Zeus, Atlas, Hercules, Ashur etc.. Many believe these giant celestial beings were responsible for building the pyramids, stonehenge etc., prior to the great flood. This of course is nonsense. There are no female giants mentioned in the scriptures.
• Satan was not recognized by many angels for who he was, he seemed alright, not as the counterfeit Angel of light that we know him as per (Job 1:6-7, 2:1-2). This means that Satan still had access to Yah in heaven at the time of Job.


• Many proclaim it says in 1Cor. 6:2-3 that saints will judge the angels. This is a silly misconception, a bad transliteration.
• Other than sybolically as in the angels depicted on the ark of the covenant, angels don't have wings, they move about the heavenlies, but it doesn't state anywhere that they have wings. (Eph. 6:12, Jude 6)
• Secular people are said to believe more in angels than mainline Believers (Christians). Although most Believers will not admit it, few actually believe that angels really exist and really still do divine work at this point and time. They don't understand about angels simply because most pastors have no idea how Yah's angels do their divine duties. Without understanding, they have no realistic idea of what, when, how, and why, angels work Yah's divine deeds. They have not received the revelation of angels other than what is said in the Bible. Most of them have not been able to get the true understanding of John 14:15 & 21, so they cannot understand.
• Secular people experience much more angelic intervention than most Christians because they don't have the wrong preconceived ideas taught in most churches to hinder their acceptance of divine interactions. On a percentage scale, secular people receive about 70% of the work done by angels, as compared to about 30% of the Christians.


The Bible uses multiple names for these celestial angelic beings:
• The first is the most common, angel, the general term used for all celestial beings, but most commonly referring to the lower angels. Both the Hebrew and Greek words for angel mean the same thing: "a messenger," referring to both human messengers (Gen. 32:3) and divine messengers (Gen. 32:1). When used as a divine messenger, it refers to an angel. This name emphasizes the office, that of a messenger, as well as the function, that of service (Hebr. 1:7).
• A second name, strictly an Old Testament one, is the "sons of God (Yahveh)". The Hebrew is bnei elohim. In the Old Testament, the term sons of Yah is always plural and always a reference to angels (Gen. 6:2, 4; Job 1:6; 2:1; 38:7).
• A third name is the "sons of the mighty" or the "sons of the mighty one". It is similar to the sons of God, because Yah is the mighty one (Ps. 29:1; 89:6).
• A fourth name is that of the "holy ones", emphasizing their unfallen state, as opposed to the angels who fell and became demons (Ps. 89:5, 7; Dan. 4:13, 17;8:13).
• A fifth name is "watcher", and this highlights the function of observing. Angels observe whether Yah's will is being carried out, watching to make sure that, indeed, it is (Dan. 4:13, 17).
• The sixth name is "watchman", also emphasizing the function of observation. Whereas watcher purely stresses the aspect of observation to see if Yah's will is being carried out, watchman also involves the concept of guarding over a situation (Isa. 62:6).
• The seventh name is "ministering spirits", as angels are spirit beings (Heb. 1:14). Actually, all angels can be considered ministering angels in a sense, because they all minister something.
• The eighth name is "stars". With the exception of Num. 24:17, whenever the word star is used symbolically, it is always a symbol for a real angel (Job 38:7; Rev. 1:20; 9:1; 12:4).
• A ninth name is "ministers". This name affirms the fact that angels are ministers of Yahveh carrying out His will (Ps. 103:21; 104:4; Heb. 1:7).
• A tenth name for angels is "host", an English translation of the Hebrew word that means "army." The host comprises the heavenly army of Yah; that is why Yah is often referred to as Yehovah of hosts, Yahveh of hosts, for He is the Host of this angelic army (1Kgs. 22:19; Ps. 103:20-21; 148:2).
• An eleventh name for angels is "chariots", underscoring their speed in carrying out the will of Yah (2Kgs. 6:16-17; Ps. 68:17; Zech. 6:1-8).

Chayot H Kodesh (Metatron/Meshiach)
Ophanim (Wheels)
Erelim (courageous ones)
Hashamalim (living creatures)
Seraphim (fiery ones)
Malakhim (messengers)
Elohim (Godly beings)
Bene Elohim (Sons of Godly beings)
Ishim (manlike beings)
In Judaism angels are defined in nine different levels as listed above. You will find that little or no teaching is available on the subject of angels in Judaism because they feel teaching about them takes away from emphasis on Yahveh.
There are two angels, according to much Jewish teaching, who are considered angels of the resurrection. These angels even have names; Sandalphon and Zagzagel. They also consider Raphael (which means “Yah is Healer), Peniel (which means “The Face of Yah”), and Uriel (which means “Yah is Light”), as angels that are less known to mankind. In the book of Tobias, a part of the Apocrypha, an undertaker of Babylon receives help from the Archangel Raphael. Raphael is supposedly stationed on the left side of Yah in His throne, opposite Michael. Uriel is not mentioned at all in scripture but is deemed very well known according to Jewish tradition also as one of the Archangels.
According to tradition Peniel is thought by the sages to be the angel who wrestled with Jacob. Jacob did name that place Peniel. He is supposedly in front of Yah’s throne and down so that a man looking up would find Peniel between him and the actual face of Elohim. Some think that the reason Moses face glowed when he came down from Mt. Sinai is because he was allowed to see the backside of Yah with Peniel preventing him from seeing Yah’s face. 
According to Jewish tradition Gabriel is believed to be the Archangel that takes and marks the 144,000 men that are marked with the Name of YHVH on their foreheads. They also believe that when anyone comes before Yah’s throne, Gabriel is the first angel you will encounter. Michael is considered the “Defender of Israel”. When Michael is not defending Israel it is believed by them that he stands on the right side of Yah, next to where Yeshua is seated.

Seraphim (fiery ones)
Cherubim (guardians)
Thrones and Ophanim (those who tend to the throne, burning wheels)
Powers or Authorities
Principalities or Rulers


• Michael is the leader of all the angels. Gabriel assists and is second in command. Then, experienced angels head up various divisions to do whatever is necessary in any given situation.
• Angels (when in human form), can speak any language known to man.
• At the time Lucifer fell with many angels, all angels had the right to choose. They had free will. After that happened, those who remained to serve Yahveh gave up their right to choose. They now work exclusively for Yah.
• Angels love to sing in their native tongue, and dance to good gospel music.
• Angels eat manna and what we would call spiritual food.
• All divine angels can read your thoughts if they so desire.
• When Michael and Gabriel are dealing with any given situations and their help is requested elsewhere, they tell other angels exactly what to do to deal with the other situation, instantaneously.


Yahveh often allows individuals to have a "near death experience," where they see a bright light in a tunnel, sometimes with an accompanying glimpse of Heaven at the other end. Many claim they have seen shekinah (glory) that can't be described. He uses this experience/vision to warn them that they need to turn their life around, repent, that there really is a divine Master. He gives them this opportunity to know that there really is a supernatural Father out there that loves them and wants them to change their ways. He makes it possible for them to know that they need to invite Him into their heart, while they still can. Often Yah will allow them to see a black tunnel with a lake of fire at the end of it, to warn them to turn from their ways. In either case, the recipient knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that he or she has witnessed something divine in nature. Many are too frightened to share these divine experiences with friends and family.
Yahveh often sends us angels in human form to warn us or advise us about certain situations. His angels will give us tips or warnings to prevent us from doing certain things that are not good. He will use these angels to open or close doors in front of us, so that we will see an obvious direction to follow. The more we follow, the more He directs. The angels that appear to us in human form will never reveal that they are indeed angels.(Hebr. 13:2)


What I am about to say in the following paragraphs will not be understood or accepted by most individuals, especially Christians, so be it! My experiences with angels, because of my intimate relationship with Yahveh, is something the Holy Spirit said I should share. Those who read about it and take heed, will be blessed. Those who turn away, will simply not be blessed.
After I was divinely set free from all my demons and curses, I found myself wanting to know as much about deliverance as was humanly possible. I prayed to the one I knew at that time as Jesus, that He would teach me and use me to set others like myself free from Satan's bondage. I offered myself up to the Holy One Of Israel as a living sacrifice. I asked Him to use me however He so desired to help set captives free. That was the beginning of what has turned out to be one incredible adventure. I was doing the best I could to learn about casting out demons and removing curses from those who were somehow lead to my door.
I had a lot of faith in what I was doing and felt very secure in my walk with Jesus. Being in the deliverance ministry requires a lot of faith, much more faith than any other ministry. In everything I did I had faith that what I spoke during deliverance sessions was being carried out somehow in the spirit world. I didn't know how it took place, but I knew that when I asked angels to bind up demons, they were truly bound up in front of me. When I used the Bible as a literal sword of Yahveh, I could actually see the end results occurring in or on the individuals body that I was working with. I needed and had much faith, but had no idea how the battle was taking place in the spirit world. I, like most Believers thought that angels were around me, but never had an understanding of what they looked like, what they did, how they did it, or much else. I just knew they were there helping me and that's all that I felt I needed to know. The Bible said I could call on angels for help and that's exactly what I did.

Sometimes during a deliverance I had smart allec demons talk to me. I remember various occasions when they sarcastically told me things that I found out later were true. I knew better than to ever believe a demon, but on those odd occasions when they would manifest and speak in an arrogant manner, I never the less heard them say many things. On more than one occasion I had demons tell me to tell the angels in the room to leave them alone. I had no idea that what they were saying in many cases was the truth. Thought I often wondered about why these demons were so afraid of angels in my house, I still never understood the fullness of what they were experiencing. In faith I just assumed that Yahveh had sent angels to help me set that individual free by whatever means He felt was necessary. I was a slow learner, I didn't have much imagination back then.

Then, one time I was casting out (I thought any ways) a demon from a woman who had multiple personality disorder, when something more strange than usual happened. I was not familiar with MPD, and like many others, was treating this alter like a demon. When I realized I was talking to a person, things got much clearer. I had heard some people talk about MPD, but had never experienced it myself.

NOTE.... I could relate to "split personalities", because one of my sisters had that problem and I was accustomed to hot and cold variations in her personality as a teenager. I had no idea back then what she was going through. Too bad, to this day she has never accepted that she has MPD, nor has she ever got any help from her 40 years of secular psychological bondage (sessions) that this MPD caused her to get involved in.

The alter (insider) came forward and talked to me about the reason she was the way she was. This alter simply befriended me and wanted to have a pleasant conversation. As we conversed, she said to me "boy those angels are sure big". I smiled as if I understood what she was talking about, and continued to talk to her. Then she asked me why there were so many angels in my house. At that point I began to realize that she wasn't imagining things, that she was as sincere as one can get. I decided to test her and go along momentarily with what she was saying. I asked her to ask the huge angel she said was standing beside me, his name. She did so and came back with the name; "Shalom". I knew then and there that this was something divine, because I had recently learned the truth about the Hebraic roots of Christianity, and knew the Hebrew word Shalom had many incredible meanings. I had just recently learned the true name of my Messiah Yeshua and His Father Yahveh, and had noticed an incredible difference (during deliverance), in the power and authority that God had given me since I started using His real name and the real name of Messiah Yeshua.

I then asked the alter more questions about various things pertaining to religion and she in turn would ask the angel Shalom the questions. After a few minutes of "blowing my mind", so to speak, she said to me that I should ask the angel questions myself, that he was right beside me. She was surprised that I couldn't see him standing there, but she then helped me in my three way conversation. As a spiritual warrior I knew that the counterfeit was always trying to confuse me, so I spoke the words needed to cut off all communication with Satan and asked Yah's angels to bind up any and all demons from interfering with what I was about to attempt. I then proceeded to cover myself with the blood. I spoke in tongues and made sure that everything was being done to keep me from being fooled. I was not about to get sucked in by the liar of all liars. I was stepping into an unknown area and was not about to take any chances. I would rather be safe, then sorry. I'm sure that Shalom must have thought I was crazy for doing so, considering that he was standing right there all the time making sure demons couldn't interfere.

I then asked a question out loud and waited to see what would happen. The alter heard Shalom answer my question, but I told her not to tell me what the angel had spoken. I wasn't sure what I was supposed to do. I didn't know if I was to listen for an audible voice or what, so I just sat there. Then I realized I was feeling something, a thought perhaps. I listened again, and it was as if a man was speaking to me in an ordinary manner, but there was no man in the room. I sat there for a few moments and then spoke out the answer to the question I had asked him. It seemed very strange to be talking to a non entity, but there I was, conversing with an unknown entity. I again claimed the ground I was standing on as "Holy Ground", as per Act 7:33, and asked the Holy Spirit to help me understand what was taking place. The Holy Spirits voice I was very familiar with, so when Yah's Spirit told me that what I was doing was the will of the Father, I continued to converse with the alter and the angel Shalom. Then, to my surprise, the alter said that another angel in the room, a huge angel, had identified himself. His name was Michael!. There was total silence in the room as I stood there stunned by what she had said. I didn't know whether this was all one weird dream or what was going on. There was no doubt in my mind who Michael was, I was well versed, and knew he was a mighty warrior. I just couldn't believe that the Almighty would send His messenger Michael to assist me. Then Michael started speaking to me and explaining that Yah was allowing me to communicate with His angels because of my sincerity to offer myself for the service of the Most High. He went on to explain many things to me as I sat there in total awe. I can't remember how long my first conversation was that day, but it felt like hours, even though I know it couldn't have been more than an hour.

I can't begin to describe that first encounter, but I hope that what I have written will give you some idea of what it was like. Michael told me things that answered many of the biblical questions I had. He also said no to some questions, that I was not yet ready for the answer to those types of questions. Then He spoke to me personally about what Yahveh wanted me to do in my ministry and some of the things I could expect to see happen in the near future. Michael told me that he would visit me on a regular basis and that he was my personal angel. He said to call on him whenever I wanted, and that he would teach me the things I needed to know in regards to deliverance. The Holy Spirit had just previously revealed to my what the name of the ministry was to be. Soon after this Michael said that Yahveh wanted to make a covenant with me in regards to DasYd Ministry. He explained exactly what the covenant entailed and how Dad (Yahveh) was going to anoint me. He explained what was expected of me, should I decide to accept the covenant offer that Father had in mind. I did what I was told to do in regards to the preparation, and made a formal covenant with the Most High. It was from that time on that Yah revealed things to me at an astonishing rate. Once I committed myself and accepted His personal covenant, He then told me to call Him "DAD". He said that He knew my heart was pure and that He would like me to call Him Dad. An intimate relationship with the Father is something many talk about, but few ever "give their all", in order to receive it.

I can honestly say that since my first encounter, I have got to know many angels personally. These angels I met because of the situations the ministry got involved in over the last few years. I have talked to Michael, Gabriel, and Shalom, on many occasions. I must admit though, there are many times when I truly want to be lead by angels and for some reason I have yet been able to understand, I don't hear from them. It seems that when in the heat of the battle I have difficulty receiving what they or the Holy Spirit have to reveal to me, but in times of solitude, and when I am not disturbed, I have little trouble communicating clearly with them. As far as this ministry goes, Yah has assigned an incredible amount of angels to work and grow with me as I encounter more and more demonic resistance from the Christians of the mainline churches. These angels assigned to my ministry are learning with me so that when warfare needs to happen, it can and will be done quickly and effectively. Over the last year or so I have had new angels communicate and work with me on a regular basis. These angels are being trained by the warrior angels that have been with me for a long time. They in turn will and are training the legions of angels under their command. I will not disclose the number of angels that work exclusively with this ministry, but it is a phenomenal amount.

These angels I have got to know personally, and have found that similar to humans, they have their own subtle personalities. Their personalities are not as distinct however as human personalities. The following are the names of some of the angels I have worked with on a daily/weekly basis: Heavenly Host, Firestar, Ezekiel, Jonah, Cherubim, Thunder, Lightning, Chuckles, Joshua, Faith, Samuel, Isaiah, Zechariah (Zack), Emmanuel, Happy, Seeker, Amy, Eliyah, Angelstar, Angel, Jericho, Able, Starlight, and Jacob. The angels call me "Jer", and "Brother". They are my brothers, they are heirs to the Kingdom of Elohim (Yahveh).

On a less serious note, I have had angels do many comical things to me. I have had them play games with me on occasion and tease me at times. It is not often that they reveal their emotions, but I have under rare battlefield conditions, had them express to me their sorrow for the people I have tried to and sometimes succeeded to help in the ministry. I have had them explain their sorrow for the people out there that refuse to do as the Word of Yahveh tells us to do, keeping His commandments. I have had a few sorrowful conversations with them but usually it is strictly business. Their concern for people is beyond description however and must always be appreciated. When I asked them to help me write this article they had little to say. The only thing they wanted me to convey to anyone who will listen, is for us to call on them in our time of distress and terror, and allow Dad to come into your heart so you can experience true love. Allow Dad to set you free from the curses and demons that interfere and manipulate your life and come out of the bondage you are in. Come out of her my people, flee Babylon!!! (Rev. 18:4)

I must admit though, I have been duped by fallen angels imitating our divine angels, on more than one occasion. I have on a few occasions been sucked in by the voice of an angel I assumed I knew and recognized. Because I cannot visually see the angels I communicate with, I must be very cautious that everything spoken lines up with the Word, and what I have learned directly from the Holy Spirit. Satan is always trying to interfere, he can't stand the idea that Yah has blessed us so greatly with angelic assistance. I have personally met Satan face to face on many occasions while doing deliverance. He is very distinct with his arrogance and the cold evil countenance in his manifestations is something one must experience to comprehend. I don't recommend it to anyone.

What I find amazing is that most Christians don't realize that angels are one of the means by which the Holy Spirit moves. Dad (Yahveh) directs angels through His Holy Spirit. They are the arm of the Spirit of the Most High. Now that I have an intimate relationship with Dad, He allows angels to answer many of the questions I have about the passages in the Bible. They have revealed much to me that is in between the lines in our sacred scriptures. They lead me with thoughts and words of wisdom just like the Holy Spirit has, since I was Baptized in the Holy Spirit.

The baptism of the Holy Spirit is no doubt the key to my growing experience. It saddens me when I try to explain to Christians how badly they need the true infilling of the Holy Spirit (with outward evidence of speaking in tongues) so they can walk with Dad and be lead by His Spirit and the Spirit of Messiah Yeshua. Most will not except the fact that you CANNOT be lead by the Holy Spirit unless you are first "baptized in the Holy Spirit". This is harsh but true reality!

I will continue to absorb everything that Dad has available to me because I want to serve Him and the captive people that will except the freedom Dad has to offer. I will continue to make a serious attempt to help His people be set free from the bondage's of the Churchianity that has taken the place of the true Body Of Yeshua. They can call me a cult leader, they can call me a Jew lover, they can call me whatever they wish, but I will NEVER deny what I have seen. "I can't deny what I believe, I can't be what I'm not, no-matter what they call me, no, no-matter what". (March 2003/May/09)